Stock List

We stock a comprehensive selection of string instruments which include student,
step up and advance from £70 to £2500.

The list below are all available to try from stock.


GEWA Maestro 45
Modern hand Carved labelled Snow 2005
Germany Workshop Labelled Francesco Ruggeri 1671
GEWA Maestro 35
Stentor Reserve
Eastman Master ‘Strad Model’
Heritage ‘Strad Model’
Eastman Guarneri Model
Dimitar Georgiev 3 models
Eastman 501
GEWA Germania (Modern German Workshop)
Hand Crafted Chinese
Eastman Limited Edition
Modern Baroque Violin (no label)


GEWA Maestro 15.5”
Concertante Antique 15.5”
Westbury Antique 15.5”
Chinese Hand Crafted 15”


GEWA Maestro 7/8
GEWA Maestro 4/4
GEWA student ¼ x2

Step Up Violins

The Verona
Chinese Master
Chinese hand carved
Northern Chinese selection
Scott Cao
Hinderine Hand Crafted
Westbury Antique

Classical Guitars

Raimundo Mod128
Kermona Soloist F655
Aria 40C
Kermona Sofia
Salvador Cortez (Electro Cutaway)
Rodrigo ¾ – 4/4
Antonio Sanchez

Acoustic Guitars

Richwood (all solid)
Tokais Parlour